Teens in Public Service connects teenagers with paid summer internship opportunities at local nonprofits. Since 1997, we have worked with more than a thousand interns, over 200 nonprofits and altogether we have invested well over 200,00 hours into the community.


Our Mission

Teens In Public Service (TIPS) is dedicated to producing future leaders committed to their communities by connecting teens with life-changing opportunities and internships at nonprofit organizations.

Through our Summer Internship Program, TIPS provides paid summer internships for enrolled, high school youth at local nonprofit organizations. These internships offer teens practical work experience, an understanding of ethical leadership, and a venue to put their values into action; and, our nonprofits gain additional staff during the summer months, at no cost to their organizations.



Since 1997, more than 1,000 individuals have completed the Teens In Public Service program! We hire teen interns who demonstrate a desire to serve their community and learn new skills working for a nonprofit organization.  Each TIPS intern is provided with training tools to help them succeed during their internship and beyond as they enter further academic and professional environments.



Teens in Public Service partners with a diverse variety of Seattle Area nonprofit organizations. Building lasting ties with nonprofit partners is one of the most critical pieces for making each summer a success for our teen interns. We value the organizations that allow TIPS to provide unique summer experiences that enhance each intern's understanding of public service in their community. 

Thank you for providing such a great program. It benefits the community, the intern, and the nonprofit. We appreciate all that you do.
— Leeta Scott, AARP Foundation



Our interns have helped develop phenomenal projects during their internships. They have fed the homeless, comforted the elderly, tutored the young, and restored the environment. We are constantly amazed at the lengths to which our interns continue to exceed expectations. Along with the work interns contribute to their nonprofits, they also learn valuable community leadership skills through training and community service projects.

What we've achieved

  • Placed more than 1,000 teen interns over 23 years

  • Employed interns at more than 200 nonprofits

  • Supported our teens in accomplishing more than 200,000 hours of work

Teens In Public Service is proud to partner with the city of Seattle on the Mayor's Youth Employment Initiative as a leader in employing Puget Sound teens.