Selection Committee Contributions Make a Huge Difference!

More than 320 Seattle Area teens, age 15-19, applied for a TIPS summer internship this year.

Selection Committee members shared insights about each intern candidate before placing them at a nonprofit organization

In order to identify the teens who will receive an internship this year, a selection committee of 24 community volunteers were tasked with the responsibility of interviewing and placing candidates from this interview pool.

TIPS has just completed in the the 2017 intern selection process with the significant assistance of these volunteers.  Out of the large pool of intern applicants, the TIPS Board was able to narrow down the interview pool to 140 teens. The selection committee then dedicated their own time; working during spring vacations, after school, and sometimes on the weekend to interview each of these applicants.

This was no easy task. All candidates interviewed shared a strong passion to serve their community and demonstrated strong potential as public service leaders. All applicants put their best foot forward in applying for this opportunity to put their energy and desires to work. 

After a four-hour long session on a Saturday morning, the selection committee members and TIPS staff worked together to place the top candidates in each of the 52 available nonprofit placements for the 2017 summer program.

The TIPS Selection Committee carefully mapped out placements for 52 interns this year.

Altogether, the 2017 Selection Committee contributed nearly 500 hours of community service in order to vet a class of 52 amazing TIPS interns for the 2017 summer program.

We are grateful for their dedication to developing future public service leaders.  It is because support of community volunteers and funders that TIPS is able to provide a growing number of nonprofit internships amazing teen leaders every year.

Did you know you can help TIPS create more community impact through sponsoring a teen intern? If you or someone you know would like to learn more about supporting a TIPS summer intern, please contact Linda Tessier at