Developing Tomorrow's Leaders, Today! With TIPS Annual Fall Luncheon

Thank you to everyone who attended TIPS 15th Annual Fall Luncheon on Friday, November 3rd!

This event was a significant success for TIPS; exceeding our fundraising goals and sharing this fun event with our community members. TIPS is proud to be supported by a fantastic community of donors, alumni, and volunteers.  From the pre-luncheon reception all the way through to our Keynote Speaker, WA State Solicitor General Noah Purcell, we believe the accomplishments of this fall fundraiser are due in part to the generous participation of all who attended.

Photos from the event can be viewed online HERE.


Not only are we thankful for our guests and sponsors, we are grateful to the amazing group of speakers who presented during the event! Natasha Ryan of KING-5 News kicked off the luncheon program as our event MC. Natasha likes to "keep it real" and she really did a fantastic job of running the program in a smooth and fun fashion. Natasha Ryan is also a TIPS Board Member and greatly contributes to our organization's marketing and press activities. 

Maureen Brotherton, TIPS Co-Founder,  provided a review of the organization's beginnings and growing impact over the past 21 years. Brotherton graciously introduced and presented TIPS Nonprofit Partner of the Year Award to Treehouse for sharing in TIPS' mission of developing the next generation of community leaders. Recently, Treehouse has seen a fair amount of achievement with their grad success program, which has improved the five-year high school graduation rates of youth in foster care through one-on-one education support.

Treehouse had also collaborated with TIPS to offer numerous internship opportunities over the years, including one for Brianna Franco, a 2017 Intern Alumna who spoke at the luncheon. Franco shared her story of interning at Imagine Housing this past summer. After realizing she had lived in one of Imagine Housing's low income property as a child, Brianna became determined to show members of this community success is within reach, even through difficult times.  Today, Brianna is an incoming freshman at Seattle Pacific Central University and hopes to work in the nonprofit sector when she graduates.

Malayka Young, TIPS Alumni Award Recipient, and Meghan Barnes, TIPS Alumni Association Chair

Additionally, two more TIPS Alumni shared at the luncheon: Meghan Barnes, Chair of TIPS Alumni Association, and Malayka Young. Young received the inaugural TIPS Alumni Award for her continued dedication to her community. Young shared how her TIPS internship in 1998 impacted her decision to go into medical school to earn a nursing degree. Malayka's inspiring story is just one of many incredible journeys TIPS interns have taken since their time as teen interns, and we are excited to hear from more TIPS Alumni Award recipients at future luncheons, to come!

Noah Purcell, WA State Solicitor, rounded out the event with a keynote speech that was both genuine and thought-provoking. Best known for his role in defeating the president's travel ban in early February 2017, Purcell illustrated how every individual - no matter their position - has the potential to effect change and justice in the world. Addressing the youth, especially Purcell shared that "...young people may think their role is small. I think through volunteering in public service, they can see that their actions can make an impact."

Luncheon guests with event MC Natasha Ryan (second from left), WA Solicitor General Noah Purcell (middle), and TIPS Board Chair Joe Brotherton (second from right)

TIPS is honored by this opportunity to share such moving stories with our community at this year's luncheon. We truly hope everyone who attended the 2017 Fall fundraiser enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you there.

We can't wait to see you at TIPS Fall Luncheon, next year!

Thank you to our corporate sponsors. For more information on becoming an intern investor, please contact Linda Tessier at