Giving Back To The Community Through TIPS

This past year, TIPS Interns and volunteers made incredible strides in their community.

2017 marked TIPS' 21st summer of providing life-changing internships to teens in the Seattle area, and another year of being able to hire a larger cohort of interns. With 52 summer interns, we saw an even greater impact made on the community of nonprofit partners we work with.

TIPS aims to provide internships for organizations which will foster growth in the interns, encouraging the teens to take initiative in supporting the community for the rest of their lives. Every not-for-profit cause we partner with embodies the spirit of community advocacy and the value of teaching leadership skills to others.

Likewise, TIPS employs an excellent group of teens to work at and enhance these organizations! Each intern hired through TIPS is involved in their community and demonstrates potential to become a public service leader.

This year’s class of teen interns was outgoing and admirably set on putting their values into action. Interns learned how to support a nonprofit and were encouraged to take on their own projects that would build upon the mission of their organization.

TIPS Intern Jessica sharing a book with a Team Read student

Working at a non-profit has reminded me that there are so many people who are working to help those in need, which inspires me to follow suit.
— Jessica Luu, Team Read and TIPS Volunteer

TIPS interns developed professional work skills and an understanding of their community which was evident by the end of the summer. On more than one occasion, we heard of interns personally investing themselves in their nonprofit organization even after their TIPS internship ended. 

TIPS’ vision is to offer teens practical work experience, an understanding of ethical leadership, and a venue to put their values into action; and, our nonprofits gain additional staff during the summer months, at no cost to their organizations. We believe that the impact of each TIPS internship is felt long after the summer program has concluded, with benefits to the intern, the nonprofit, and the community at large.

My work directly benefited the homeless and low income peoples of Seattle and it was the first time I had multiple opportunities to be more informed about the needs of the underprivileged in my community. It increased my worldview …and fueled my passion to make positive changes in the city I live in.”
— Tristan Agosa, Young Nonprofit Leaders Organization

TIPS Intern Tristan, at his YNLO internship

If each intern opportunity produces a 3-fold effect on the community, we can safely say that TIPS volunteers create an additional impact by allowing TIPS to operate at a higher capacity. This past year, alone, volunteers provided nearly 600 hours, or 80 workdays, of assistance to Teens In Public Service. 

The contribution of volunteers is invaluable to the work TIPS does in providing internships to teens who want to make a difference in their community. 

Volunteers Michelle and Marlena at TIPS Fall Luncheon

We appreciate the dedication and input of our community volunteers, and are grateful for the support they gave TIPS in 2017.  The need for volunteers to keep our nonprofit running throughout the year is huge. Just as TIPS interns provide much needed summer help to our nonprofit partners, volunteers enable TIPS to host a summer program by assisting fundraising and intern training events.

We are honored by the help of others who have lent their time, experience, and resources as a volunteer for any TIPS activity, creating numerous benefits to the community. If you are considering volunteering for TIPS over the coming year in any of the following roles, please contact Maddie Cohen ( 

Selection Committee (March - April): TIPS Selection Committee trains with TIPS to interview intern applicants and place the top candidates in a summer internship position. We truly could not hire interns without the help of our Selection Committee volunteers!

Public Speaking: We heard from an energetic array of TIPS alumni, community leaders, and parents of interns who set the tone for an amazing year. Public Speaking volunteers can present at our speaking engagements, and can also coach TIPS interns and speakers leading up to events.

  • This year, WA State Solicitor General Noah Purcell delivered a keynote speech at our fall fundraiser luncheon! You can view a video of his speech HERE.

Event Volunteer: It truly takes village to run TIPS events and training sessions! Event volunteers are essential in ensuring all intern training events, fundraisers, and program activities run smoothly.

Luncheon Committee (February – November): TIPS event committees handle the fun aspects of planning a TIPS fundraiser or volunteer event! This committee will be responsible for putting together a speaker program, event theme + décor, and helping TIPS raise donations for the following year.

For more information on how to get involved with TIPS as a community volunteer, please see our volunteer page.