Concluding the 2016 TIPS Summer Program

Thank you to all of our 39 interns and 37 nonprofit partners for making the 2016 TIPS summer program a success!

Altogether, our summer interns logged over 6,000 hours providing invaluable services to their chosen nonprofit organizations. Whether acting out educational initiatives, organizing an event, or working to preserve the environment, each intern's unique internship experience benefited the community at large.


Not only are these teens gaining skills on how to support nonprofit goals, they are learning what it means to become community leaders. Each intern has shown his or her potential as a nonprofit leader through leadership training, community service day, and by giving a speech at our Celebration of Service. 

It almost goes without saying that we are truly impressed by the accomplishments of all 2016 interns. We look forward to seeing how each TIPS intern will take the dedicated learning and leadership skills demonstrated this summer into their future careers.

Once again, thank you to our 2016 interns and nonprofit partners for making this another wonderful summer for the Teens In Public Service Program.