For more than 20 years, Teens In Public Service has provided interns with unique summer experiences that amplify each teen's role as a community leader. Being a TIPS intern requires dedication and commitment to supporting our community.


Serving the Community

TIPS interns help nonprofits carry out organizational initiatives by providing invaluable support to their summer programs. In turn, interns learn how to work in the nonprofit community while also building leadership skills to meet the needs of their organization. This is a win-win-win program for interns, nonprofits, and the communities they serve. 

It was truly a life-changing experience and probably one of if not the most meaningful times of my life. I was not only able to learn about myself but also able to foster connections with volunteers and staff and have a huge impact in the lives of many people in need.
— Danny, 2016 Intern


Developing Skills

For many of our interns this is the first professional experience they have ever had. The entire process is designed to give them a chance to step up into a professional capacity. Applicants must submit a written application for the program. If the application is accepted, the teenager will move on to a formal interview. Based on all of the above, we work to best match the interests and abilities of our applicants with those of our nonprofit partners.

During the program, our interns spend 6-8 weeks working with their nonprofits in a variety of areas. They develop skills and have the chance to work on a wide array of projects with some of the most driven and inspiring organizations in the city. We also provide our interns with several opportunities to work with their larger class at a leadership training day and other TIPS events.

Center for Human Services (Jordan Sims).jpg
I made a difference at the Center for Human Services by being a resource that kids could talk to and being open to listening...I feel like my understanding of the importance of communication really improved. I learned that I really have a passion for reducing the literacy gap due to economic reasons, and really want to continue learning more about this problem and how it can be solved.
— Jordan Sims, 2017 Intern

Want to become a TIPS Intern next summer?

While internship applications do not open until late fall before the summer program begins, we encourage all high school students will between ages 15-19 in the summer to contact us with your questions about Teens In Public Service. You may click the links below to find more information about applying for a public service internship through TIPS, and to learn about the hiring process for the summer program.