Throughout the summer you will be responsible for completing several short writing assignments and tasks to track and reflect on your TIPS internship. The summer goes by quickly, so please mark important dates and deadlines in your calendar.


TIPS Summer Program calendar

  • Important events

  • Due dates

  • Time sheet dates


2019 Contact Info

TIPS Main Point of Contact: Maddie Cohen, Program Director


Office Phone: 206.985.4647 | Mobile: 925.639.3242


Summer program Materials

Work Commitment Form

  • Fill out with your supervisor at your pre-internship meeting

  • Return to TIPS by June 21st

TIPS Internship Fundraiser

  • Details on how to start your own internship fundraiser for TIPS!

  • You can start your fundraiser HERE

T-Shirt Design Contest

  • All T-Shirt Design Contest Submissions are due Wednesday, June 26th

Transit Pass Request Form

  • Please fill out and submit this form to TIPS if you would like to apply for a TIPS-sponsored ORCA pass over the summer. Please read the form for eligibility details and contact Maddie Cohen if you have questions about requesting a pass.

Intern Time Sheet Instructions

  • Instructions for recording and submitting hours worked at your internship this summer. Includes a time sheet and payroll schedule.