TIPS Intern Pre-Orientation Packet

Welcome to the TIPS 2018 Summer Program!

This page contains your employment paperwork to be completed before attending the TIPS intern Orientation on May 24th. Please make sure to read over what you need to bring. Please contact Maddie Cohen with your questions about new hire paperwork, or anything else related to the TIPS Summer Internship Program by emailing

Begin Your New Hire Forms

Please click the link below to access your New Hire documents and read the included checklist very carefully. You will need to print and complete the necessary forms as per directions in the checklist to ensure you are ready to start your internship.   

You must bring a packet of your completed forms to the Intern Orientation on Thursday, May 24th, 2018.

Remember: we need photo copies of specific items to support the I-9 as well as a copy of your birth certificate.   We will not have a photocopier on site, so please makes sure to bring copies of the requested materials to the Intern Orientation. 

Why does TIPS ask for New Hire forms?

Whether TIPS is your first paid employment, or you have held a job before, employers will always ask new hires (you) to fill out paperwork to confirm and initiate their position as a paid employee (or intern!).

TIPS requires all newly hired interns to fill out forms for  employment authorization and federal tax purposes. If you are under 18, we also ask for verification from your school and guardians that you have permission to join the TIPS Summer Program as a teen intern. Last (but not least), we ask everyone to sign the Intern Leadership Agreement. As a TIPS intern, you will be expected to carry out the internship to the best of your abilities. We promise to support you and your organization in order for you to get the most out of your internship experience while also furthering the mission of your nonprofit placement.

If you are unable to obtain verification or documentation for any of the forms, please contact Maddie Cohen directly by emailing

Intern Leadership Training