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Teens in Public Service is a wonderful resource for our interns and nonprofit partners, but we can only make a difference with your help. The donations you contribute help us to pay our interns' salary over the summer and provide them with educational opportunities which will pave the road for their success as public service leaders.

Help TIPS support future leaders and our community by giving.


Investing in Youth, Community, and the Future.

TIPS internships make a difference. Every dollar spent on a Teens In Public Service internship has 3x impact: on the intern, the nonprofit, and the community at large! TIPS operates as a connective service for high school students to find meaningful summer work at nonprofit organizations. These organizations need additional help to achieve their goals and benefit greatly from the advantage of working with an intern energetically dedicated to their community. 

Each summer, TIPS interns learn professional work skills while contributing invaluable service support to their nonprofit placements and the community members who receive resources from these organizations. Aside from the benefit of increasing organizational project capacity, interns develop public service leadership skills during the course of their nonprofit work. It is our hope that each TIPS Intern will go on to serve their community as an ethical community leader and advocate for nonprofit causes.