Are you an Alum?

The TIPS Alumni Association is currently in motion! Stay involved with your community of intern alumni from the past 20+ years of TIPS. Not only will the Alumni Association keep you updated on current events within the TIPS community, but will serve as a resource for newly graduated TIPS alumni and those with many years of professional experience past their time as an intern.

For more information on the Alumni Association, please contact Meghan Watkinson at



We want to collect, foster, and promote the good work and the success of our alumni with our broader TIPS community so that we can learn, develop, and grow together.

Key Pillars of the Alumni Association



More than just donating to TIPS, serving as a board member or helping TIPS fundraise year round is one of the best ways to stay engaged with the TIPS internship program.  We have several Table Captain and sponsor procurement roles open for the Fall Luncheon in November. You can also participate in fundraising through our upcoming seasonal projects.



The Alumni Association will provide new updates on TIPS and opportunities to get involved in our nonprofit community.  We want to know how each alumni has progressed past their experience as a teen intern in order to continue building a strong base of public service leaders.



Together, we have filled nearly 1,000 internships since 1997, which means there are almost 1,000 members of the TIPS community to stay connected with! We want to create a networking resource that all alumni in any stage of their career can turn to for support in their own post-TIPS projects and careers.

The TIPS Alumni Association wants to hear from you!

Whether you live in Seattle or Shanghai, were a TIPS intern two years ago or twelve, we would love to hear from you.  Your participation in this 8-10 minute survey will provide us meaningful feedback as we continue to craft a roadmap for the next 1,000 TIPS interns. 

TIPS Alumni Association Board

What is so exciting for me, right now, is that the ethos of TIPS: its layered effect of empowering and compelling community activism, service, and personal development in our youth, is becoming a recognized underpinning of our society’s success
Meghan Watkinson   TIPS Alumni Association Chair   TIPS Class of 1998, Internship at First Place

Meghan Watkinson

TIPS Alumni Association Chair

TIPS Class of 1998, Internship at First Place